Pricing + Commissions

How I price my art

After a good deal of research and deliberation I decided to pay myself an hourly rate for my art. This works out to something that’s actually liveable, so my prices are very firm. I base my hourly rate on the following information from

This means I pay myself $30/hr for every hour I’m actively working on a piece. I keep meticulous track of the time I spend working on every piece, documenting times from the moment I sit down to begin the work. The clock stops when I step away from the artwork to take breaks and resumes when I come back.

On average, I spend 5-7 non-consecutive hours on any given piece, and I add the cost of USPS Priority shipping to physical art pieces, which will vary based on the size of packaging the piece will require.

Update (as of April 15, 2021): I now default to doing all commissions digitally, unless specifically asked to make a physical art piece. This saves you, the client, the cost and the wait time of shipping. The benefit for me is portability; I’m not tied to my workspace at home and, thus, am able to bring my commissions with me to work on between errands and such (which, ultimately, means even less delay). Additionally, my software of choice, Procreate, tracks the exact amount of time I spend working on a piece from start to finish, effectively streamlining my pricing method. Overall it’s simply more efficient and helps me maximize my productivity.

Keep in mind that digital artwork isn’t trapped in the digital world. For instance, once I’ve sent your file to you, you can then have the artwork printed. I make the artwork quite large, so you can have it printed at just about any size you’d want for decorative purposes. You can have it printed on canvas, on photo paper – heck, you could even have a tote bag or a t-shirt made with it. The versatility of a digital file is pretty impressive!


Securing commissions will require an up-front non-refundable fee of $30 to reserve your place in my client book.

The projected cost of commissions will be quoted after a discussion of the desired piece, and the final cost will include shipping. Please be aware that the quote I provide will be a range rather than a single specified amount. This is due to the fact that I simply can’t know precisely how long it will take to complete the work before I’ve even started it. In particular, bigger or more intricately detailed pieces may take a bit longer to do than originally anticipated. So when I quote a price I will give a range based on how long I believe it is going to take to complete the artwork, and in the end the total may be a little less or a little more than quoted (though never by more than an hour or two).

Be assured that I do not dawdle simply to milk extra money out of a client – I work as fast and efficiently as possible since 1) I dislike lingering over a piece forever, and 2) I enjoy the variety of working on lots of different pieces.

Please be aware that requests for changes to commissions (that is, adding or removing anything from the art after the initial discussion when the quote was given) may increase the cost, based on however many additional hours or (partial hours) the changes will require. This increase will be reflected in the final, set amount.

All art will be shipped upon my receipt of the client’s full payment.


Please understand that I require the money I make from my art to cover my monthly living expenses, to survive, to feed and clothe myself and my kids, to care for my home, pets, and car, and to purchase replacements for depleted art supplies.

Because of this, I cannot hold art indefinitely. If you wish to make a purchase please be sure that you can pay the full amount immediately (in the case of premade art), or that you can pay the full amount of the final cost of your commission within one week of completion. If you are unable to provide payment as I’ve just described I will be forced to sell the piece to someone else in order to generate that income and pay my bills. This includes commissions; someone somewhere will love that art.

Think of having a commission done the same way you think of getting a tattoo, you budget for it and willingly take the financial hit for art you really want.

If you have any questions or would like to request a commission, please feel free to DM me. I normally reply fairly quickly, but please do have patience if I take a little longer to respond.

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